Rickard Vikström Changemaker

I grew up in northern Sweden and worked with my parents in our family business. My approach to life, and subsequently business, is based on three core beliefs I learned from them, and always carry with me:

1. Treat everyone with respect – this is the foundation for mutual respect and success
2. Take the initiative – if you want something to happen, then make it happen
3. Solve problems – the problems of any business are yours to solve

So far, this mindset has taken me on exciting journeys around the world, including:
– Studying English in the U.S. as a teenager
– Earning a Bachelor of International Business at UTS in Sydney
– Developing Corporate Social Responsibility partnerships at the United Nations in Switzerland
– Leading work to generate millions of dollars for organisations in Australia
– Becoming an Australian citizen
– Setting up my own consulting business: Stockholm + CO.

Today, my approach to life and work is still guided by these three core beliefs; whether that’s working for organisations, on my own business ventures and with clients, or planning my next big heli-skiing adventure somewhere north.

I love making new professional acquaintances, so please reach out if you want to talk business, about not-for-profit organisations or opportunities for growth and market entry.

I’m always eager to discuss potential project work, particularly consulting for change, marketing, fundraising and building stronger business partnerships that will improve the world in which we live.



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